Friday, January 23, 2009

Chinese New Year Banner Design

Hey there,

Its been awhile since i've written anything here as we were very bz the last few months, however we manage to atleast upload a few of our work for you.

This 10ft x 3ft banner design is for the chinese new year '09 which is organised by the rukun tetangga community with support of DBKL.

Since we were given a short notice of the event, the above design was completed within 3 hours and the printing took 1 day to complete as we need to let the ink dry for sometime.

If you have nothing to do this 14 february, do come over to setapak to enjoy & celebrate this CNY with the friendly community of Flat Danau Kota. just click on this banner for details of the event. C U THERE!! :)

"from concept to completion"

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